Big Dreams & City Nights

City lights and city nights. Every girl dreams of it at least one moment in life. Nostalgic experiences embracing every adventure with excitement of the unknown. I created The City Nights Collection in memories from my early 20’s. The late nights that turned into early mornings and fashionably being fashionable just because. The feeling of freedom at my fingertips; that spark of magic with touch. Strutting through life fearlessly because i know the path that I walk is my own. It’s a wondrous and remarkable notion indeed; to acknowledge my creative self in expression. It is even greater when I inspire as well as receive recognition from the youth. I truly know that I have a purpose in this so called world and I am enjoying creating it every step of the way! 

“I don’t just glitter or shimmer; I transcend the illumination.” - Indii Bey

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